2019 Fundraising Campaign

Dear Friends,

There comes a time when any cultural institution in its initial stages must raise sufficient funding to guarantee that it continues to flourish. This is such a time for the Benjamin Creme Museum. The Museum needs to raise $100,000 in order to continue presenting the remarkable esoteric art of Benjamin Creme and safeguard its current location for another three year term beyond June 30th, 2019. New funding will enable the Museum to expand its reach to a wider audience and to further develop its distinctive outreach programs and events. Over these last four years the Museum has become an inspiring focal point for sharing the extraordinary message and art of Benjamin Creme. In keeping with his vision, Mr. Creme maintained that the work of the Museum is a full adjunct to the Reappearance work. “The Museum,” he said, “is really about Maitreya,” and its well received video presentations, talks, discussions, and monthly educational events have remained fully dedicated to sustaining Benjamin Creme’s legacy.

Bearing witness to the growth of a consummate 20th century artist into a masterful esoteric symbolist, the groundbreaking art on display is not only impressive, but instructive and transformative. Ben’s moment-to-moment contact with his Master provided a deep understanding of esoteric truths enabling his art to engage the eye, educate the mind, awaken the intuition, and energize the soul.


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Benjamin Creme in his studio in 1985 with his painting
"The Prophet" from 1942. Photograph © Jane England

Numerous comments to the Museum’s guest book attest to this:

"Benjamin Creme’s paintings are a gift to experience. What an amazing artist. When you first walk in, there is a huge energy shift! The colors are so vibrant and alive and both his abstract and spiritual art are awesome!!!"

"Benjamin Creme's paintings really speak to the soul! They by-pass the intellect and go straight to our higher self. I can't explain what happens in that setting with the Mandala paintings all in one 'cocoon of consciousness.' I totally enjoyed experiencing each one."

"I thank you for this opportunity to view and absorb this incredible art and the teachings of Share International."

Contributions go toward funding operational costs and all work for the Museum is done on a volunteer basis. The Creme family wholeheartedly shares the commitment of the Board that our highest priority is to create an appropriately dignified venue dedicated to the work of Benjamin Creme. And that work is ultimately about spreading the word that the World Teacher has returned.

The Museum is profoundly grateful for the support it has received thus far. We are therefore asking again for a tremendous effort on your part so that the Benjamin Creme Museum may go on to become the unique center for culture and enlightenment that befits the work of this visionary artist and messenger.

As the Museum’s contact list is rather small compared with the number of Reappearance workers worldwide, we would like to ask each one of you to forward this request to your local, regional, and national groups so that every co-worker be given the opportunity to help the Benjamin Creme Museum. We also encourage you to spread news of this campaign through your social media and other distribution networks.

You can best help sustain the Museum by making a generous one-time or recurring (recommended) donation using a credit card, check, international money order or wire transfer, or via Transferwise.com.

Visit our Support page to locate instructions. If you need further information, you can contact us at donate@benjamincrememuseum.org. Checks or money orders can be mailed to: Benjamin Creme Museum, Suite 320, 881 Alma Real Drive, Pacific Palisades CA 90272, USA.

Benjamin Creme's remaining thoughts to the worldwide network of Share International co-workers were for continued service and unity. The cumulative power of thousands of Reappearance workers, each donating small amounts, combined with a few larger donations, will quickly enable us to reach our goal. We invite you to be a part of this vital group effort in presenting the story of the return of the World Teacher through the unparalleled art of Benjamin Creme.

With gratitude for your time and support,

The Benjamin Creme Museum

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